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Sanela Pasagic



• Honours Degree in Psychology
• Diploma of Clinical Hypnosis and Psychotherapy


Sanela Pasagic has an Honours Degree in Psychology from Griffith University and in her final year, she was in the top 5% of people in her cohort. She is a clinical psychotherapist, hypnotherapist and counsellor. She is also an educator where she presents workshops to the mainstream public as well as professional practitioners to further develop their skills and understanding of who they are and how to achieve their results. 

Her passion is to help people to shift their inner challenges, difficult life circumstances and unhealthy belief systems towards their own desired goals, dreams and total prosperity, despite the perceptions of others. In that process, she uses scientific tools, her personal knowledge and her deep insight to lead her clients and groups to discover and utilise their inner strength and shift the energy which automatically enables them to achieve their wishful outcome. In that process, she is only their leading hand. Her unique approach enables her to work with individuals, couples and groups of all ages, different backgrounds and different emotional, mental and psychological states. 

Her personal inner growth and ongoing thirst for knowledge enables her to continue to upgrade a greater understanding of the issues that individuals in our society today are currently facing. Although she follows current scientific paths, she also implements traditional practices and her inner knowing in each session that she conducts. Consequently each session with her is unique, dynamic and at times, an open dialogue. 

Her passion and her calling is to help each and every person, couples and groups that cross her path, to create positive, prosperous and abundant changes in their lives. It is all about moving forward, towards abundance and prosperity that every person requires and dreams of.

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