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Clinical hypnotherapy is different to what most people think of when they think “hypnosis”. Clinical Hypnotherapy is a means of introducing a positive suggestion into a relaxed mind.

These suggestions are readily accepted and acted upon, without any conscious effort.  Most people respond to hypnotherapy and quickly achieve their desired goals.

As it is becoming more widely understood, hypnotherapy is now being commonly used throughout the world for a variety of reasons including:

  • Weight Loss

  • Stress Management

  • Self Confidence

  • Stop smoking without weight gain

  • Increased sports/work performance

  • Study and memory improvement

Our clinical Hypnotherapist is  Sanela Pasagic whose vast experience have seen thousands of successful results in all the above areas.

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Sanela Pasagic, Hypnotherapist-Psychotherapist

Sanela Pasagic

Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy

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