Please be advised that Springwood Wellness Centre will remain open for ESSENTIAL SERVICE appointments only during the imposed Lockdown.

These appointments apply to:

Chiropractic, Physiotherapy, Spinal Decompression



Our body is naturally designed to be light, vital and energetic, though few of us can claim this as our truth these days. Naturopathy with Shivani Gandhi offers a first step towards rediscovering this truth and learning to provide the proper nutrients and environment the body requires to achieve this. It is not just about alleviating symptoms but allowing the process of self healing to truly begin.

To begin this process of self-healing your initial appointment will normally encompass a Health Assessment which includes:

  • Health Appraisal Questionnaire

  • Iridology

  • Bowel Toxicity Test

  • pH Test

  • Bio-Impedance Analysis

Where appropriate other pathology may be requested such food allergy, digestive or hormonal balance testing. Heavy metal testing is also available in clinic. Based on the findings of your Health Assessment you will be placed on a treatment program which may incorporate any of the following:

  • Dietary and lifestyle changes

  • Herbal medicine

  • Nutritional medicine

  • Australian bush flower essences

  • Detoxification

You are also welcome to request a particular test or treatment of your own choice. Specific programs are developed for stress, fatigue, digestion, sleep, energy, female and male health as well as supporting those with cardiovascular problems, arthritis, diabetes, and skin problems.

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